Amendments to the Social Securities Law (167/2017) affecting Employers in Cyprus are applicable from 13 September 2021.

  1. Application to register as an Employer in Cyprus must be filed at least 1 day before it/he/she becomes an Employer.
  2. Each Employer must notify the Department of Social Securities of any new recruitments, at least one day prior to his/her employment.
  3. Each Employer must maintain an Employees register that records in recruitment date order the personal details of each employee (Numerical sequence number, Full name, ID number, Social Securities number, employment date, employment commencement date)
  4. Declarations for the commencement of employment confirmation will not be issued as of 13/9/2021.
  5. Employers in Cyprus, as of 14/9/2021, should process all notifications through the online portal “ERGANI’

For all employments prior to 14/9/2021, employers can instead use the current system, “SISNET”.

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