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The internal Audit service

Change is coming very fast and companies have to focus on existing business and control environment, but at the same time identify and tackle risks to its strategy, finances and operations.

Internal auditing is an independent consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. Internal audit is not designed to execute company activities, but to advise the company on potential risks and to offer possible solutions to these risks.

Yiallourides & Partners Ltd can offer advice on critical business risks, implementation of effective controls and compliance processes, identifying best practices, reducing the cost of operations and identifying cost efficient improvement opportunities.

  • Evaluation of the business processes

Our team will review internal processes and procedures of your company. After an in depth analysis we will be able to provide constructive feedback and recommendations to improve business processes and make them more efficient and effective.

  • Internal audit services

Outsourcing – Outsourced service provided through a combination of a dedicated, core delivery service team and a virtual team comprising the broadest range of specialists.

Co-sourcing – Co-sourcing arrangements can be requested on a ‘as needed’ basis, to address specific risks arising.

  • Design and implementation of business processes

We can assist your company in designing and formalizing its business processes in order to ensure that adequate controls were put in place that mitigates potential risks.

  • Evaluation of internal audit functions
  • We can evaluate your existing internal audit function and provide you with recommendations to become more effective.  The need for a focused approach to internal audit and risk management has never been as great as it is today. Risks left un-managed in an organisation can ultimately result in its demise.

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    Improve an organization's operations

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