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Operating across highly divergent and fast-moving markets requires not only concrete international strategies and operational excellence but also a laser-like focus on the developments, threats and possible opportunities that lie within the taxation environment at the local, national and transnational level. Setting up a business in an internationally respected, low-tax jurisdiction which is also considered to be a prime offshore and international business centre may be the best strategy for investors and individuals managing operations around the world.

Having a widespread reputation of a reliable, legitimate jurisdiction, Cyprus is an eminent financial centre with one of the lowest tax rates among European Union member states. It also offers an extensive double tax treaty network, first class professional services and a transparent regulatory environment which make Cyprus the ideal location to conduct business.

Whether you need to establish a company in Cyprus and/or use Cyprus as a base for your transnational operations, Yiallourides & Partners Ltd can assist you. We can offer you our extensive range of specialist expertise and the very best guidance and support throughout the whole process of registering your International Business Company (formerly known as an ‘offshore company’) while you focus on your core activities.

Our team consists of top-tier professionals who bring the knowledge and steep expertise to advise you in order to set up a Cyprus Company in a way that suits your personal needs and circumstances.

We put emphasis on advance planning and corporate governance consultancy prior to registering your company in order to implement spot-on, tailored structures and arrangements that meet your specific requirements.

Our experienced team provides its unparalleled level of customer service.

Transparent and cost-efficient manner not only before, but during and after the formation of a Cyprus Company. When you choose Yiallourides & Partners Ltd, you can rest assured that a specialist service team with extensive local knowledge and global outlook will assist you at every point, delivering tailored solutions designed to reflect your interests exclusively. Common uses of a Cyprus company are:

  • Cyprus Holding Company
  • Cyprus Trading Company
  • Cyprus Financing Company
  • Cyprus IP Box Company
  • Cyprus Shipping Company

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    Delivering tailored solutions designed to reflect your interests exclusively

    Yiallourides & Partners Ltd, through its extensive network of associates, also provides a wide range of services that will complement your newly formed Cyprus Company. In order to discuss the benefits of setting up your Cyprus Company with us and discover the vast selection of professional services we have to offer, contact our company service team here.

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