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The following must be applied ONLY by those Companies that have been notified by the Authorities through TAXISnet.

Change of Tax period

The next tax period ends on 31st March 2020 and then after every calendar month until 30th June 2020.

The filling day of the VAT Return will be the 27th day following the end of each period. In that respect the filling dates change as follows:

Normal tax periodNew tax periodDeadline for filing and payment of VAT for the tax period up to 31/3/2020
1/1/2020- 31/3/20201/1/2020- 31/3/202027/4/2020
1/2/2020- 30/4/20201/2/2020- 31/3/202027/4/2020
1/3/2020- 31/5/20201/3/2020- 31/3/202027/4/2020

Then after and starting as from 1/4/2020:

New Tax periodFinal date for T.R. submission and payment of tax payable
1/5/2020- 31/5/202027/6/2020
1/6/2020- 30/6/202027/7/2020

Calculation of tax payable

  • For those Companies that are included in Table 1 here below the VAT amount payable must be in full – 100%
  • For any other Company, VAT payable 30% of the amount due up to that period taking into consideration the balance due from previous periods.
Payment date  27/4/202027/5/202027/6/202027/7/2020
 Calculation of tax payable30% of the VAT due for the period up to 31/03/202030% of the VAT due for the period up to 30/4/2020   plus 30% of the VAT due for the period up to 31/03/202030% of the VAT due for the period up to 31/5/2020   plus 30% of the VAT due for the period up to 30/04/2020 and 31/03/202030% of  the VAT due for the period up to 30/6/2020 plus 30% of the VAT due for the period up to 31/05/2020, 30/04/2020 and 31/03/2020

The balance due must be settled by November 10th 2020.


35111 Electrical power supply
36001 Collection and distribution of water
47111 Supermarkets
47112 Mini – markets
47211 Retail sales of fruits and vegetables
47221 Retail sales of meat and poultry
47241 Bakeries
47242 Patisseries
47301 Petrol stations
47411 Computer hardware, software and video games retailers
47621 Office supplies reatilers and newspaper distributors
61101 CYTA
61201 Internet providers
61301 Satellite communications
61901 Other telecommunication companies


VAT changes on Land & Leasehold property

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On the 3rd of November and 29th of December 2017, the House of Parliament voted the amendment of the Cyprus VAT Legislation regarding the taxation of building land, in order to align it with the provisions of EU VAT Directive.

The amendments relate to (1) the imposition of 19% VAT on the sale of building land, (2) the taxation of new commercial immovable property leasing contracts and (3) the application of reverse charge on transactions relating to transfers of immovable property during the process of loan restructuring.

For more details regarding the amendments voted, please click here.